With Dwayne Johnson gone, the Fast And Furious 9 stars are all friends again

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Fast And Furious 9 just started filming, and the whole cast is very eager to show everyone how much fun they’re having. /Film gathered together some social media posts from the cast and director Justin Lin, and it’s very clear that nobody misses having recent co-star Dwayne Johnson around at all.

A few years ago, Tyrese Gibson accused “Dewayne” Johnson of ruining the series by trying to make it all about himself, when it was supposed to be all about Tyrese Gibson, Vin Diesel, and Paul Walker, with some of that frustration blowing over into the on-set feud that came to be known as #CandyAssGate (when Johnson and Diesel refused to actually film any scenes together for The Fate Of The Furious).

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Since then, Johnson went off and made his own Fast And Furiousspin-off with Jason Statham called Hobbs And Shaw, and it looks either stupidly awesome or just stupid—depending on how you feel about this sort of bullshit.

Back to Fast And Furious 9, though, Vin Diesel shared a quick video with co-star Michelle Rodriguez to commemorate the first day of filming:



Justin Lin tweeted that it “feels like home” to be back with the series that he helped turn into a blockbuster franchise:



And Tyrese Gibson posted an Instagram about how proud he is to be working with “2 powerful women” who “have both PAID THEIR DUES,” specifically Samantha Vincent (president of his Voltron Enterprises company) and his manager Isabella Castro. That’s nice and all, but it also seems like Gibson is trying to make people forget about that time he complained about “sluts, skeezers, hoes, tramps and overly aggressive promiscuous women” who are “ready to have sex with any and everything that want to have sex with them.”


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Here with our producer SAMANTHA Vincent who happens to be Vin’s actual sister she’s so powerful and significant in this franchise...... @vincentsamantha and the president VOLTRON ENTERPRISES and ALL things TYRESE!!! @mcanelab aka Isabella Castro President, my manager MUSICALLY and now my manager THEATRICALLY I wanna remind you guys that it’s never about the start it’s always about the BIG FINISH!!!! These 2 powerful women have both PAID THEIR DUES been in the belly of hells.... And stayed loyal to embrace the fruits of these heavens........ #OneRaceProductions #VoltronEnterprises behind every king and alpha leader is an even stronger/patient QUEEN of implementation of the DREAMERS!!!! #VivaMexico #Fast9 #WomenInPowerfulPlaces moving quietly but killing it!!!!!! Ps I can promise you....No one wants to be on the other side of negotiating a deal on the other side of these two.......

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But yeah, Fast And Furious 9 seems to be going well.

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