When someone speaks the name “Hermès,” it illuminates years of premium-quality craftsmanship and a reputation of excellence. There are very few fashion brands able to compete with Hermès goods. However, a few companies including Nike, Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Cartier fetch comparable sums for their luxury items. As you may imagine, most people cannot even consider carrying a Hermès Birkin handbag like those seen on the arm of Victoria Beckham for a price tag of $200K. If you do have a budget to enjoy some of life’s finest designers including these names you could be asking, “Why are Hermès bags so expensive?”

In France, each piece is hand-crafted at Les Ateliers Hermès – a shop where artisans have been making top-notch leather items for the rich and famous since 1837.

With the softest leather materials and the most exotic skins, gloves, handbags, belts, saddles and more are all created following a commitment of founder Thierry Hermès to quality. But it’s more than that. Beyond a dedication to honoring the Maison's heritage, every piece in the Hermès linefeatures painstakingly polished appeal. You simply aren’t going to look like you don’t have it all with any of these not-so-easily attainable Hermès Birkin accessories. It’s not possible! The stitching alone is a dead giveaway of a luxurious lifestyle.
You see, when Emile-Charles Hermès took over the business his dedication to maintaining the heritage, treatment and craftsmanship remained. This is the reason that Hermès artisans continue to use hand stitching only in every piece they create. It shows invisible hand working and a strong-knotted stitch that anything made by the artisans at Les Ateliers Hermès is why are Hermès bags so expensive.


If you want to know that every dollar you spend on a Hermès is worth the money, it’s not hard to prove the case. Because the Hermès name is built on years of artisan craftsmanship there are hundreds of reasons why Hermès bags are so expensive. Here are just 10 of the most notable reasons they are worth the money:


At Les Ateliers Hermès in France, each piece of original artwork including men and women’s fashion, jewelry, watches, shoes, equestrian goods and more is made by hand. Never a machine. That means that each step from start-to-finish including the pattern making, cutting, printing, sewing, and stitching is completed with the care of world-renowned craftsmen. Hermès is a family-owned company that remains independent the same today as it did back when old-world values and treating every step of production with great care meant something.


When someone is working for a minimum wage or even under slave labor conditions to make handbags, belts or other accessory items they don’t care about quality. The employees may simply be running a fast-paced machine all day to make brand-name goods that represent quality but don’t deliver.
The patterns can vary from piece to piece or the stitching may be uneven or come apart after a few months of wear and tear. Sadly, even some of the top name brands on today can cut their bottom line by using these types of laborers to reduce costs.

Instead of worrying about the price of quality construction and manufacturing, Hermès artisans always pay close attention to every step of the process when making a product. You can see it in each item as it holds their reputation of quality and care. Hermès bags show that you not only care about yourself but that you have other people who care for you too. This includes each person working hard inside Les Ateliers Hermès and across the globe with enthusiasm for your taste.


When you buy a high-fashion item, it is important that you love it –  and really love it. Especially when the item that you purchase can cost hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars it should fit a style that you adore. When it comes to Hermès, there is never a shortage of choices. These luxury items fluctuate in color, size, and shape but they never lose their iconic status. That’s why millions of people all over the globe count on Hermès to bring a buzz into their wardrobe. Use any Hermès accessory to deliver a rainbow of choices any day of the week with dependable, premium-quality that never goes out of style.   



Refinement is something that never loses its appeal so you can count on Hermès to deliver every time. When you wear anything made by the Hermès brand, it will scream luxury. There is one simple way to look exquisite, and that’s with every piece of Hermès clothing, accessories and other products. The signature look that each Hermès belt or handbag creates is perfection. 100% without flaws and blemish-free, there is no better way to upgrade your look than with a Hermès.


The amount of detail that goes into every single step of production with a Hermès product is performed by hand. Since this is not achievable by a machine so many brands simply cannot even come close to delivering the type of value seen in a Hermès belt, handbag or another item. Consider that a Birkin bag is priced in the range of $9,000 to $150,000 and resale prices can be up to $223,000. Over time, most Hermès items only increase in value depending on the demand. Ultimately a Hermès item will always be valuable no matter how long you have it.



If you are ready to invest in a premium hand-made item from Hermès, consider it a pleasure. If need be, you can always go online or to a marketplace and sell your Hermès item for money, but until then it’s all yours to flaunt. People ask why are Hermès bags so expensive? Well … because it feels good to know they are valuable and can hold that value over time even if they are not in perfect condition. That is all due to the Hermès reputation alone so you can always know you’ve made a solid investment in every purchase.



You may assume that people who are wealthy enough to carry a Hermès handbag, belt or even drape their equestrians in leather goods from the famous fashion brands have some type of celebrity status. The opposite is true and actually even for A-list celebrities like the first lady or Victoria Beckham, no Hermès item comes free. There is a status to carrying a Birkin bag by Hermès but it comes at a price for everyone no matter who they are. That’s right. Hermès is one of the only top fashion companies that doesn’t allow name dropping to cop free merchandise. While Hermès isn’t known to refuse products to any celebrity, they will still take the full price for any product even from Jane Birkin, the muse for the Birkin bag herself.



Fashion trends come and go, but Hermès lasts forever. When you purchase an item from the company not only does it come inside bright protective packaging but it is also validated as a genuine Hermès. That means that if you ever want to sell it, you can get back a good portion of your investment. As far as selling a Hermès item online, values can be upwards of $100,000 for accessories. As one of the top fashion companies in 2018, Hermès will continue to hold its ground in the fashion world effortlessly along with other greats like Chanel and Louis Vuitton.  



All products made by Hermès happen to be perfect. That’s because when a high-fashion item is made by caring and highly-skilled artisan hands the end result is simply flawless. Hermès is one of the only fashion companies that can claim to deliver baby-soft leather goods that are 100% blemish free to keep up with your swanky style. No other accessory works the same type of fashion miracle as a Hermès Birkin or “H” belt when added to your everyday wardrobe. So, if you’re wondering are Hermès bags and belts really worth the money? The answer is a perfect, “Yes.”


Over time, you may realize what true love really is with Hermès. When it comes to careful consideration, dedication and high-quality there is no comparison with Hermès to other fashion designers. The sky's the limit so build your own expensive Hermès collection! Victoria Beckham is said to own over $2 million dollars in Hermès products. Once you experience the difference you’ll never have to ask again if Hermès products are worth the money. Most people fall fast for these hand-crafted collections and never turn back ultimately building an investment that lasts a lifetime.


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