Viral List Names Joe Budden 3rd Best Rapper Of All Time & Causes Uproar

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Hip-hop discussion, particularly that of the GOAT and those who stand beneath, can get heated to say the least. Today, a Top-50 list penned by The Brew Podcast, no doubt designed to do exactly what it ultimately succeeded in doing, gained some viral legs. Yet I daresay it was for all the wrong reasons, especially when you take the coveted Top Three podium into account. 



Following the wildfire-esque circulation of the list, Joe Budden's name came to be trending on Twitter, with his lofty placement serving to spur the lion's share of the debate. Given that Joey beat out fan favorites like Eminem, Biggie, Kendrick Lamar, 2PacAndre 3000Drake, J Cole, Royce Da 5'9", Black Thought, and more, many felt compelled to voice their incredulity accordingly. Of course, it's unfair to dismiss Joey's pedigree entirely, but the fact that he was positioned as the third-best rapper of all time opened the door for all matter of havoc. 







Incapable of ignoring said havoc, Ebro came through to add his voice to the discourse, throwing his weight behind Joey's placement on the list. Yet Jumpoff's placement was not the only narrative stirring the pot; some felt some type of way about Fab's top 10 inclusion, Em's relatively low position, and the omission of Future HNDRXX. Despite the heat of some of the takes, the list certainly served its purpose in stirring up some hip-hop discussion, albeit at the cost of Joe Budden's self-esteem. Yet there's something to be said that even his former group-make, KXNG Crooked, was left shaken by the mere sight of it.

What do you think of this one? 






 Ultimately, dead ass Joe may get the last laugh as he is currently trending.

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