Steve Harvey's Daytime Talk Show Canceled


Steve Harvey's talk show experiment has run its course. Shortly after Harvey taped the season finale of Steve, anonymous sources told the Hollywood Reporter that NBCUniversal would stop distributing the show. 

With NBC out of the picture and no markets looking to pick up the show on their own, Harvey's daytime celebrity-fueled talk show is coming to a quiet end. 

NBC had previously shared that they were planning to give Harvey's time slot over to Kelly Clarkson's new talk show. Steve's ratings consistently fell to the point that the show is no longer pulling in 2 million viewers per episode. 

Harvey had previously shared the struggles of his new show and celebrity-focused format.  

"Moving the show out here, the intent was to bring on a bunch of celebrities and have a late-night feel. But the daytime audience is totally different. They just like what they like, cooking segments and makeovers," he told THR. "I'm a die-hard believer in reinvention. But sometimes you just have to leave the wheel alone, and let it roll down the hill.... If a segment rates well, they go, 'Well, why would you change that? My thought is to try for something that could rate better, but they don't like that."

The de facto cancellation of his show isn't the only trouble Harvey is wading through. He stirred up controversy on another one of his shows when he told the Family Feudaudience that "rich people don't sleep eight hours a day."



"It ain’t but 24 hours in a day. You cannot be sleep eight hours a day," he said in the viral clip. "You can’t live in L.A. and wake up at 8 o’clock in the morning. It’s 11 o’clock on the east coast. The stock market been open two hours. They already making decisions about your life and your ass was sleep.” 

Twitter roasted Harvey for his unhealthy assertion, pointing to his Miss Universe gaffe from 2015.



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