Stephen Curry steps up for community while playing at MVP level

NBA: Steph Curry sends another three-point record tumbling

Chants of "MVP, MVP, MVP" have reigned down on Stephen Curry as fans have made their return to Chase Center. The Warriors superstar is playing some of the best basketball of his career as he looks to lead the Warriors into the playoffs. Steph has superhero powers on the court but it's what he's done off the court that have left a lasting impact for basketball fans from coast to coast.



When Delaware State trooper Joshua Morris was compared to Stephen Curry by 9-year-old Ra'Kir Allen, Trooper Morris gifted Ra'Kir a pair of Curry shoes. Steph found out about the viral video and invited them both to the Warriors game in Philadelphia.

"Special to see him, he's an amazing story with him (Trooper Joshua Morris) and Ra'Kir who is the little kid that was hyping him up," said Stephen Curry.

"Saw Steph Curry and actually talked to him and got the game jersey off his back," said Allen.



Warriors fan and Oakland ICU nurse Shelby Delaney first connected with Steph in April of 2020.

He called on FaceTime to offer support during the beginning of the pandemic and when Delaney attended a Warriors game this season at Chase Center, Steph was there to say hello and give her a signed game jersey.

"Yeah he's like my hero, so to be able to meet him and have that connection that he knows who I am and I was able to properly thank him was a like a dream come true," said Delaney.



"He (Stephen Curry) understands the power that he holds. Whether it's to raise money, raise awareness or just a kind gesture. It's usually all of the above," said Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.



Curry has used his platform to create social change, raise awareness for various issues during the pandemic and helping raise money for food insecurity in Oakland. Through their "Eat. Learn. Play." foundation Stephen and Ayesha Curry helped donate 16 million meals to families affected by food insecurity in Oakland.

"Steph is kind of like a God. For him to call and be like I see you and thank you guys, it helped lift a lot of spirits," said Delaney. "He's great with his family life, his personal life and he's able to take care of his community and he's always thinking of others. I don't know how he does it but I'm hoping to reach that level at some point.

"There's a lot of influence in my life that I really appreciate that I look up to they are role models and inspirational figures and I'm not who I am without them," said Curry.

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