Skinny dipping' bikini which comes with a 'caution' and claims to make tan lines 'a thing of the past'

This bikini is so hot it comes with its own 'caution' - but would you be brave enough to wear it around the pool?

The teeny tiny two-pieces with invisible straps is the newest addition to the swimwear collection by online retailer Oh Polly, and it's 'not for the faint-hearted'. 

The 'Skinny Dipping Clear Strap Micro Triangle Bikini' leaves very little to the imagination and is already causing a stir on social media.

By its retailer's own admission, it covers only 'the essentials' - and not much else.

The trianglular top and bottoms, made from a polyester spandex blend, are both adjustable so that consumers can decide exactly how much flesh they're prepared to flash.

The set, which costs £20 for the top and bottoms respectively, comes in both burnt orange and cream. 

The high-rise thong design is just as jaw-dropping as the top, meaning tan lines will become a 'thing of the past'.

'Our high rise thong bikini bottoms do the most while being the least,' reads the item description. 

The revealing attire was clearly designed with sun-bathing in mind, and the bikini is already proving popular - though some people have questioned whether it's worth wearing anything at all.

Oh Polly's popular bikini is sold for £40 for the set in both burnt orange and cream colours, with a number of sizes currently out of stock

A post of the tiny bikini in its 'burnt orange' variation notched up 45,000 likes after it was shared on Monday.

Fans have also flocked to the brand's Instagram page to urge them to restock, as certain sizes are currently sold out. 

Several customers weren't shy about sharing their love for the bikini, and many appear to have put it on their wish list for the summer.  

'Not to be dramatic but I'd die for this,' one comment reads.

'I Need, I need, I need this! I have been ogling this for weeks,' read another, while another fan praised it as 'sexy, fierce, demands respect'. 

However, some other people were not convinced by the revealing bikini. 

The swimsuit is so revealing it comes with its own warning, which reads: 'Caution, this bikini ain¿t for the faint-hearted'

'Why bother, just go nude,' one sneered. 

'Reckon they failed on this one,' wrote another, while one unimpressed person asked: 'This what a bikini is nowadays?'

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