Rihanna Tears Up Reuniting With Her Old PE Teacher: "He Made a Lasting Impact on My Life"

Rihanna recently reunited with a very special friend from home: her former high school gym teacher, Roddy Estwick. The 31-year-old star showed up at the Cricket World Cup in England on Monday, in part to enjoy the game but also to see her mentor, who is now the assistant coach for the West Indies team.



A video of their sweet meeting quickly went viral on social media, as Rihanna is seen getting emotional while embracing her old pal.

"I love this man. I came here to see the match and was cheering West Indies to a victory," Rihanna told Barbados Today of Roddy. "But I also wanted to see Mr Estwick. He made a lasting impact on my life, and he really offered great advice to me and many others when we were at school at Combermere. I just wanted to let everyone know what he meant to me in my development and what he did for us back at school in Barbados."

Roddy also had nothing but good things to say about his famous student. "Everybody knows her as Rihanna, but I know her as Robyn Fenty," Roddy said. "I've known her from age 11 until now. It was good to see her again. I used to sit with her most lunchtimes, with her and her best friends . . . and have a chat with them, try to guide them in the right direction."



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