NYC authorities build fake wall to catch Trump-loving graffiti artist

Police create fake wall to stop pro-Trump graffiti artist

Authorities in New York City had to get creative in order to catch a graffiti artist that was marking subway walls with messages about his love for President Donald Trump.

Most of the messages were some version of "#ILoveTrump," NY1 reports. Riders were complaining about the graffiti, so police and transit authorities teamed up to catch the man.

The officials built a fake wall out of plywood at a subway stop in Brooklyn where officers could hide. They even created a padlocked door that looked similar to a worker access door in a construction area. 

Sure enough, the Trump-loving graffiti artist left his mark.

"The beam was cleaned off. And on March 15 they went in, did a plainclothes operation and sure enough, a man came back and put up again - 'hashtag love Trump' on the beam," Transit Chief Edward Delatorre told NY1.

Officers were waiting behind the wall and arrested the man, 43-year-old Jamie Montemarano. He is facing charges of criminal mischief and making graffiti.

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