When it comes to Colin Kaepernick, attorney Mark Geragos has a history of making predictions that don’t come to fruition. Geragos, on Tuesday, made his latest prediction regarding Kaepernick’s football future.

Appearing on The Adam Carolla Podcast, Geragos said that two teams are interested in Kaepernick, and that he thinks something could happen in the next 10 days.

So who are the teams? Geragos spoke in vague terms.

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“One who is legitimately in need of a quarterback who had a very poor showing on Sunday and has got an owner that I don’t think gives a sh-t,” Geragos said, adding that the other team is run by an owner who does indeed care, but whose team needs help.

Given that the Panthers provided employment to safety Eric Reid, who like Kaepernick protested during the national anthem and sued the league for collusion, and in light of the fact that quarterback Kyle Allen threw four interceptions on Sunday, Carolina likely is the first team. The second team could be one of several teams, from the Dolphins to the Bengals to the Steelers to the Titans to the Chargers to Washington to the Bears to the Lions.

Chances remain that no one will be signing Kaepernick. In February, Geragos predicted that a team would sign him within two weeks. In September 2018, Geragos hinted that the Raiders and the Patriots were interested. In June 2018, Geragos promised big news that never came. A month earlier, Geragos said that someone was ready to “dime out the NFL.”

Given the history of checks that went uncashed, there’s good reason to disregard the latest Geragos prediction.  Still, since it’s the first one he has made in nine months, we’re willing to consider it — and potentially to add it to the list the next time Geragos calls his shot.

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