NBA player Rudy Gobert who Tested Positive for Coronavirus Touched Every Mic During Press Conference

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Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert became the first NBA player to test positive for coronavirus, the league announced on Wednesday as it suspended the season.



Gobert’s actions on Monday have now caused some concern among journalists who spoke with him during a media availability on Monday.

Professional sports leagues — including the NBA — have made their locker rooms off limits to the media. Instead, players are talking to reporters in a press room.

When Gobert was finished talking with reporters on Monday, he seemed to mock what was going on with the coronavirus. He started walking away, but then returned to the table and touched each microphone and recorder before he left.

It’s unclear how many people came in contact with the equipment after he left.

According to our sister station, KTVX, in Salt Lake City, members of the media who covered Gobert on Monday, were urged to reach out to the Utah Department of Health about any concerns they have about potential exposure.

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