Michelle Obama Shows Up At A D.C. Elementary School With Some Big Surprises

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The year isn’t over yet, but this might just be the best feelgood story of 2019.

In a video released on Tuesday, which has been viewed more than five million times across social media, Michelle Obama is seen paying a visit to Randle Highlands Elementary School in Southeast D.C.

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In the nine-minute clip, the former first lady makes her entrance and is instantly greeted by a student who blurts out a high-pitched, “Obama!” A teacher freezes up and his eyes grow wide.

Later, Obama takes over the PA system, announces herself—to immediate screams—and adds that lunch is “cream of asparagus … just kidding.”



When the former first lady walked into the computer lab, outfitted with just a few laptops, she made the first of many announcements: a $100,000 donation for all the school’s needs. From there, the list of gifts piles on—new Apple computers and laptops, iPads for every student, and a snazzy new outdoor basketball court.

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After Obama shows off a mock-up of the court on a projector, one teacher leaps as high as he can without tearing his suit before high five-ing another teacher.

Principal Kristie Edwards explains in the video that all 350 students receive free lunch, and the school has an in-house washer and drier so students can come to school with clean clothes, Edwards says.

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“We actually sit on the hill in Southeast D.C. It’s considered one of the roughest areas in D.C.,” Edwards says in the video. “Sixty-five percent of our students are in the foster care system, or they are homeless … When our students come in here, they’re expecting the same thing, and that’s to get love, a hug, and to ensure they’re in a safe space.”

Ellen DeGeneres and Apple made the donations as part of the Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways (other giveaways have included actor Michael B. Jordan surprising a New Jersey community activist with a new SUV and DeGeneres covering his rent for two-years.)


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