Fantastic Four's Invisible Woman Has a New Power and it Raises Some Eyebrows

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The Invisible Woman is often underestimated or overshadowed by her Fantastic Four teammates. This year, Marvel chose to give Sue Storm the spotlight in a new limited series. Written by Mark Waid with art by Mattie De Iulis, the series sees Susan returning to the world of espionage. Her ability to turn invisible makes spy work an obvious choice for Susan, but Invisible Woman #3 reveals a new trick she has in her repertoire. Going unseen isn’t always a desirable option for a spy. Sometimes, a spy wants others to see them while they appear as someone else. SPOILERS for Invisible Woman #3 follow.

The Invisible Woman series reveals that Sue became close friends with Aidan Tintreach, her spy partner from the CIA. They hadn’t spoken in years, but when Moravian spies captured Tintreach, the last message he managed to send was as a signal for Sue Storm. The CIA discouraged the Invisible Woman from investigating, but she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Sue headed to Madripoor, where she got a little help from Black Widow in readjusting to the spy game. She discovered that Aidan has a wife, but then found out that his wife is part of a cover story. Aidan’s “wife” informs Susan that Aidan was investigating a billionaire tech mogul in Italy.

Susan heads to Italy to investigate, and that’s where her new power becomes useful. She recalls a conversation with Valeria, her genius daughter, about how her invisibility powers work. Sue turns invisible by manipulating light waves. Valeria informs her that color works in much the same way. Putting these two things together, Sue realizes that, with enough concentration, she can alter colors. Since then, she's had a lot of fun turning the Thing pink.

In Invisible Woman #3, she uses this power to disguise herself while entering a showing at the Chevalier Museum of Modern Art. It takes considerable concentration, but Sue uses her powers to tan her fair skin and turn her blond hair brunette.

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A useful trick for a spy. What do you think of Invisible Woman’s new power? Let us know in the comments. Invisible Woman #3 is on sale now.

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