Man dressed as Joker stabs 17 people on Tokyo train

Japanese Man Dressed as Joker Goes on Knifing Rampage on Train

A man in Tokyo dressed as the Joker stabbed passengers aboard a train line, injuring 17 people on their way to Halloween parties in Shinjuku. 

The train made an emergency stop around 8 p.m. Sunday night after the 24-year-old man also set a small fire on the train. Police arrested the suspect on the spot and suspended service while they conducted an investigation. 

Three people were severely injured, including a man in his 60s who remains in crucial condition, The Daily Mail reported. 

The suspect wore glasses and a green shirt, but otherwise dressed in the Joker’s signature purple suit. A video posted to social media showed the man sitting alone in a train car, legs crossed, and smoking a cigarette. 

Some witnesses thought that the man was part of some Halloween stunt until people started running and the suspect started waving a "long knife" with blood on its blade.



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