Lizzo Slams Critics of the See-Through Dress She Wore to Cardi B's Birthday Party

Lizzo dazzles in completely sheer dress at Cardi B's party | The Independent

Lizzo has a message for her haters. During an Instagram Live on Thursday, the 33-year-old spoke out against critics of the see-through, purple dress she recently sported to Cardi B's birthday party.

At one point, Lizzo even stood up, pulled down her pants, and displayed her bare bottom to the camera. She went on to tell her critics to "kiss my a**," before slapping her bottom.

Before that moment, though, Lizzo spoke for more than 10 minutes about the criticisms of her skin-baring look.

"It's very funny to me that people are upset that I'm wearing a see-through outfit or that I'm twerking in a see-through outfit," she said. "[They're saying], 'This is disgusting'... Don't you have bills to pay? Don't you got mouths to feed, including your own? Don't you have a life to live? Don't you want to fall in love and make friends? Don't you got s**t to do? Go read the news, b**ch, before I read you, ho. The f**k! Why are you worried about me?"



Lizzo went on to tell her critics to "watch your motherf**king values and watch your motherf**king mouth."

"Stay the f**k off my motherf**king page. Keep your comments to your motherf**king self, b**ch. Let me do whatever the f**k I wanna do," Lizzo said. "Remember when people minded their own f**king business? #TBT to when people minded their own f**king business. Those were the days, boy. Where people could just wear what they want and there wasn't a motherf**king parade or conversation or commentary about it."

Lizzo noted that, while she's "not even mad" about the situation, she wanted to speak out against trolls in general.

"I don't give a f**k if people are mean to me. I'm rich, b**ch, and I'm beautiful, and I have a beautiful family. I am good. I got friends who love me," she said. "... You think I'm worried about y'all? I'm not worried about y'all. I do this because y'all continually disrespect human beings like it's a sport."

"It seems like every single day somebody's disrespecting somebody on the internet. Let people live, bro. Let people wear whatever the f**k they wanna wear," she added. "... Mind your f**king business."

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