LaVar Ball calls son Lonzo 'damaged goods' in an argument over Big Baller Brand

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LaVar Ball is directing his nonsensical bluster at his sons these days.

In a scene on “Ball in the Family,” which airs on Facebook Live, LaVar and Lonzo get into an argument over the Big Baller Brand. Lonzo suggests they consider changing the name of the failing apparel company, which LaVar does not appreciate.

“Listen to me, son: When I come out with a name and then somebody tell me to change it, that’s like me telling me to change your name,” LaVar said. “That’s like people saying, ‘Oh, yeah, change Lonzo’s name to Alfonzo on the fact that he been damaged goods for the last two years.'”



Lonzo’s first two seasons in the NBA have deviated far off the course LaVar constantly predicted after Lonzo went No. 2 to the Lakers in the 2017 draft. Injuries limited him to 99 games over two seasons and Ball was then traded to the Pelicans as part of the package that delivered Anthony Davis to the Lakers.

But things have gone far worse for LaVar’s company, which was allegedly defrauded out of millions of dollars by former business partner Alan Foster. LaVar has tried to downplay Foster’s impact, but the website has been down for months and there are no signs a revival is forthcoming.

Lonzo has previously mocked the quality of the BBB sneakers, told LaVar that “the brand was demolished” and explained that Foster was “the main person” and “ran everything.”

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