Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma reacts to Jason Whitlock criticizing LeBron James’ behavior at Bronny’s games

LeBron James, Kyle Kuzma, Jason Whitlock

Kyle Kuzma was not happy with FS1’s Jason Whitlock and his comments on Los Angeles Lakers teammate LeBron James, whom he criticized as part of Monday’s show closing.

The controversial sports show voice criticized James for showing out during his son Bronny’s AAU games, as he recently joined the layups lines to throw down a thunderous dunk while also demonstratively celebrating big plays on the sidelines.Whitlock compared James to other “superdads” like LaVar Ball and even Marv Marinovich, who were heavily involved in their sons’ careers:



While LeBron’s actions could be seen as overdoing it a bit, it’s part of what brings huge crowds to these sporting events, and many of the kids seem to love it.



Not only is James present for the entirety of the game, but he also joins in for some fun, and while that could be getting old for Bronny, that’s just the price of having a superstar dad. Bronny has also benefited from that superstardom, with countless viral videos of his first-ever dunk and clips that highlight his skills from a very young age.



Whitlock’s comments ring empty and the comparisons just lack any substance. Unlike LaVar Ball and Marv Marinovich, LeBron is a player of generational talent who is still in top shape, not a has-been like Marinovich (only played three years in the NFL before being forced to retire) or a never-been like Ball, who only played spare minutes in college.

James isn’t using Bronny’s career to make himself relevant after missing out on the playoffs, he’s simply being the dad many others wished they could be while being at a sound place in his career.



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