Kim Kardashian called out for cultural appropriation....AGAIN!

Kim Kardashian West

There’s a lot that remains a secret when it comes to Kanye West’s invitation-only Sunday Services. But his wife Kim Kardashian couldn’t help but show off one of her looks she wore to the exclusive event, and now she’s getting called out for cultural appropriation.

The 38-year-old reality star took to her Instagram to post a couple of photos from one of the spiritual gathering where she wore an off-the-shoulder white dress accessorized with some gold jewels. One of the pieces of bling that she wore on her forehead, however, stirred up a bit of controversy from her followers.


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A number of commenters called Kardashian out for the headpiece, stating that it comes from Indian culture, and decried the makeup mogul for failing to acknowledge it.

“Where’s the Indian inspiration credit, do you even know what your [sic] wearing on your forehead is called?” one person questioned. While another wrote, “She’s back at it again with the cultural appropriation. She will now be applauded for ‘starting a trend’ with the maang tikka.”

Another commenter acknowledged that the event wasn’t an appropriate place for the look writing, “Would understand if you wore this to a brown wedding, but a Sunday service???!! This is so disrespectful, just stop.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that Kardashian has received similar backlash. She’s dealt with criticism on multiple occasions for wearing her hairs in braids and not acknowledging the origins of the style. Now, someone says, “She found a new culture to steal.”

Other followers had different issues to take up with Kardashian when it comes to her latest post — from those who pointed out the “poorly photoshopped pictures” to people who had less than positive things to say about West’s Sunday Service itself.

“It’s not a service, it’s an invite only concert with your narcissistic husband who happens to love playing dress up with his human doll wife,” one commenter said.

Another wrote, “Jesus didn’t die on the cross for you to pose for your sins Kim.”

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