Khloé Kardashian's 'Kanye for president' hat angers the internet: 'No more idiots for president please'

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star modeled a “Kanye for president” hat on Thursday, endorsing her brother-in-law in his still thankfully unofficial bid for president. The Trump-loving rapper had first said he wanted to run in 2020, but last summer pushed the unofficial date back to 2024.

While Kardashian’s relationship status with Tristan Thompson is unclear, she went all in supporting her sister Kim’s husband — also posting the photos of her in the hat (four in total) on Instagram with a heart and arrow. And commenters had plenty to say — and not much of it nice — which we assume she knew before she hit the share button.

If Instagram was an election booth, West would be on his way to a historic loss. “Irresponsible. Unconscionable. Not funny. Not provocative. Not just a hat… Unfollowed,” wrote a commenter, one of many who vowed to unfollow True’s mama. Another wrote, “Y’all are the last ppl who need to be in the White House.” Here were some others:

“Beautiful pic, but NO MORE IDIOTS FOR PRESIDENT PLEASE just my opinion,” one wrote.

“God help us if he’s ever president,” another added.

“Unfollow- so stupid. Out of touch with the real world. Take that hat and shove it,” a commenter said.

One follower had one of the more thoughtful replies, writing,  “Since you’re a mom now you would think that you would put more thought into what you are out there promoting. Family or not Kanye clearly has some issues that would preclude him from running for president. Your family has a large following and with that you should try to be more responsible with what you post. I thought you were a big LGBTQ supporter? Wearing a Kanye for president hat is basically saying that you’re okay with what Trump has done. You’ve never looked better, but wearing this makes you the least attractive I have ever seen you. Unfollowing and hoping that you truly think about what you are promoting next time.”

Many were disappointed that Kardashian was seemingly saying that she agreed with West’s political views. For instance, one user wrote, “Are you serious about that? Guess you believe slavery was a choice also! This is what is wrong with this country!” Meanwhile, another wrote, “I dont understand why you would wear this hat knowing your two best friends ancestors were slaves who didn’t have a ‘choice’ in the matter. So disrespectful. Unfollow.”

And West’s mental fitness was questioned, as he is prone to the more than occasional rant. “Sorry, but he’s not all the way there…. if you know what I mean,” wrote one commenter. Another was a lot more frank, putting, “Hell no he is a nut case for sure.” (West was diagnosed with bipolar, but later said it was a misdiagnosis and stopped taking medicine to treat it.)

Many are pro-Khlo no matter what the circumstance — and it was no different in this instance. One wrote, “It’s just a hat :: chilllllll :: gorgeous as always Koko.” And another put, “Love the hat.  It shows family support.”

West first announced a potential presidential run at the 2015 MTV VMAs. Last spring on Twitter, he seemingly pushed it back.

He’s stuck with that date posting it again in the new year. West has also said that if he’s in it, he’s in it to win it. “If I decide to do it, it will be done. I’m not gonna try,” West said during an interview on Power 92 Chicago. And while he is definitely pro-Trump — as his “MAGA”-hat wearing trip to the White House in October showed — he said in that interview he’s a centrist and also “had love” for Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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