Kerry Washington models with her mom in new campaign for jewelry line

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Kerry Washington is celebrating Mother’s Day with a new jewelry collection via Aurate x Kerry, and each piece is designed in 100 percent recycled gold.

Washington’s “Birth Of Mother” collection symbolizes “the essence of motherhood” and elements of the ocean. The actress announced her second collection with Aurate x Kerry in a campaign featuring her mother, professor Valerie Washington

“Motherhood, in all its forms. That was the inspiration behind my next collection with @auratenewyork,” the Hollywood veteran and mother of two wrote on Twitter. “And it means the world to me that I get to share this with my beautiful mother,” Washington captioned a sweet photo of her and her mother together on a beach. 

“The design of the collection is inspired by elements of the ocean —  every shell, texture, and pearl is unique in its intricacies, every wave and current is powerful and unpredictable,” Washington said in a new interview with PEOPLE. “Parenting is like that too, I think. Unique, unpredictable, powerful and beautiful.”



The nine-piece collection includes earrings, rings, and necklaces with pearls but the one style that “holds special personal significance” to Washington is “the stacked three-pearl ring  [Venus Organic Pearl Tri Gold Ring, $360]” because it represents her children, daughter Isabelle, 7, and 4-year-old son Caleb. Her husband also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

When asked how motherhood inspired the designs, Washington explained to The Hollywood Reporter… “It started with a group of mothers coming together to design a collection that reflected just that — motherhood! The beautiful, wild, courageous, fulfilling process of becoming a mother. We are each proud mothers — to our children, to our ideas and projects and to ourselves. Inspired by Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, this collection embodies the birth of motherhood as a beautiful and powerful awakening,” she said. 

“This collection is personal to me because I love celebrating my mom. She’s amazing! She is the strongest, bravest woman I know. And she has devoted her life to improving the lives of young people. So, honoring her within this collection means so much to me,” Washington added. 

Not only is the actress, activist, and philanthropist a designer for Aurate x Kerry, she’s also an investor. 

“As a creative partner and investor, I look for companies that have a vision and mission that I am wholeheartedly aligned with. Aurate shares my views on sustainability, diversity, and giving back to socially driven causes. As a brand, Aurate really works to amplify women’s voices and celebrates women in an authentic way,” Washington explained. 

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Washington’s “Birth Of Mother” collection debuted on April 26. The capsule ranges in price from $120 to $480 and “is a nod to women being born of nature and their sensuality, strength and allure.”

“I think it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate that motherhood can look very different depending on who you are and what the circumstances of your life are. Whether you are mothering a child, an animal, a project, or even a dream, caring for what you love is a sacred act,” Washington said.

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