Jaden Smith isn’t about to give grandma coronavirus as he skips Red Table Talk amid social distancing

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The Smith family gathered together for "an emergency" edition of Red Table Talk to discuss the coronavirus pandemic. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith were joined by daughter, Willow, the actor's son, Trey, and Jada's mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones. There was one person missing from the gathering, though.

"Just like other families around the world, we are trying to navigate through all the information out there about COVID-19," Jada began. "Speaking of families, you will see that Jaden is not here with us today because he is actually being a responsible young person!”

Jaden is the couple's 21-year-old son.

"He is practicing social distancing, he's been doing a lot of traveling and his main concern has been about Gammy," Jada shared. (Gammy is the nickname for the actress's mother.)

"So, he has decided to stay indoors and he's actually following orders," continued Jada.

"Thank you, Jaden! We love you," Banfield-Jones said to the camera.

"He didn't care about us, he only cared about Gammy!" Jada laughed.



Infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm joined the special edition of RTT via video conference and talked about facts surrounding the pandemic. Will Smith was very engaged throughout the hour-long episode.

"I wanted to do this because in 2008 I made I Am Legend, so I feel responsible for a lot of the misinformation," the actor laughed.

In I Am Legend, Will’s character is the sole survivor of a man-made plague that kills most humans and transforms the rest into monsters.

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"And just as a family, we've been sitting down and we've been talking, and when I was preparing for I Am Legend, my character was a virologist," he continued. "So, I had an opportunity in my preparation for the role to go to the CDC and there was a basic foundational comprehension of viruses and viral pathogens that I developed and it really changed my life and how I looked at the world, and there's basic concepts that people do not understand."

"A lot of the language is very confusing," said Willow.

"I wanted us to have the opportunity to go through the basics and then bring in the experts," Will noted.

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