#FreeMeek documentary trailer drops with look at rapper’s fight for justice

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Meek Mill dropped the new trailer for the #FreeMeek documentary that explores his life and many challenges with the Philadelphia criminal justice system.

According to the official description: “Free Meek is an upcoming documentary series that will follow Meek and his fight for exoneration while exposing flaws in the criminal justice system. In collaboration with Meek and executive producers Shawn Carter, Eli Holzman, Aaron Saidman, Paul and Isaac Solotaroff, and produced by Roc Nation and The Intellectual Property Corporation (IPC), the series will give viewers unprecedented access to the star’s life, career, and criminal justice odyssey, while demonstrating the negative effects long tail probation is having on urban communities of color. The series will premiere later this year exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories.”

“I never really looked at it like a nightmare,” Meek said in the trailer. “I looked at it as real life for a Black kid in America. It’s just real life.”

The award-winning rapper, who has sense devoted his time and voice to criminal justice reform efforts, took to social media to share the trailer for the highly anticipated documentary.

“#FreeMeek explores my life and the flaws in the criminal justice system that have haunted me and others like me. Coming this Summer on [Amazon Prime Video],” Mill wrote on Instagram about the Jay-Z backed docuseries.



The #FreeMeek docuseries is co-produced by Roc Nation and Intellectual Property Corporation.

“The system causes a vicious cycle, feeding upon itself—sons and daughters grow up with their parents in and out of prison, and then become far more likely to become tied up in the arrest-jail-probation cycle,” Meek previously wrote in an op-ed for The New York Times. “This is bad for families and our society as a whole.”

Mill who has since become an advocate for prison reform.

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