For his 50th birthday Jay-Z releases his entire discography on Spotify

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Fans no longer need a TIDAL subscription to listen to Jay-Z’s back catalogue online. In honor of his 50th birthday, the rapper has released his entire discography on Spotify, much of which he pulled from the streaming site back in April of 2017.

The release includes his most recent album 4:44, as well as Watch the Throne, The Black Album, American Gangster and more.

Jay-Z originally took most of his catalogue off the site in 2017 ahead of the release of 4:44, presumably to encourage fans to sign up for his service TIDAL.

The announcement of the catalogue’s return was made on Twitter by Spotify, and Jay-Z has yet to comment or make an announcement himself.



Jay-Z released 4:44 in June 2017 via TIDAL. The album, executive produced by No I.D., featured 10 new tracks. No I.D. told Rolling Stone that he and the rapper didn’t discuss much before making the album.

“I saw that he, from our initial conversation, wanted to say more and wanted to say some things that he hadn’t said,” the producer said. “Part of my growth as a producer was not just about making beats but also helping in the process of inspiring the song and making the song the center. This album is about Shawn Carter, Jay-Z, opening up, and me scoring that.”

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