Erykah Badu Wore A High-Fashion Hazmat Suit To Receive Award

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If the two choices on how to react to the coronavirus pandemic are to “go big or go home,” most have opted to go home.

Erykah Badu is not most.

The singer attended the Austin Film Society’s Texas Film Awards on Thursday, wearing what she called “social distancing couture”: a “bootleg” hazmat suit adorned with Louis Vuitton logos, a giant Louis Vuitton pouch, gloves, a mask, a visor, big feathery booties and, best of all, a face full of flawless makeup.

Who else would be under there except Erykah Badu?

Badu attended the ceremony to accept a soundtrack award amidst the news that her March 13 concert in Atlanta, part of a tour with Common, would be postponed.

Tired: Hazmat suit. Wired: Bootleg Louis Vuitton-bedecked hazmat suit.

She shared photos of the suit in action on her Instagram account, prompting reactions from followers like “Chiccccc,” “It actually becomes you” and our personal favorite, from none other than Chaka Khan, “Hey Sister Gal!!!!”.


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Social Distancing Couture by E.Badu Bootleg Hazmet .

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Badu practiced her own social distancing while accepting the award from host Parker Posey ....

"Social distancing couture" in action.

...but got way closer than the recommended 6-10 feet apart for a photo-op.

This is, uh, not exactly how it works. 

Never change, Erykah.

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