Donald Trump Jr. sells t-shirts mocking Alec Baldwin shooting

Donald Trump Jr. sells T-shirts mocking Alec Baldwin's fatal shooting | WFLA

Consumerism is something that sometimes makes people cross moral boundaries to gain profits. Donald Trump’s son seems to have done just that.

Recently, a cinematographer was shot dead accidentally by a famous actor, Alec Baldwin, on a movie set. Some people from the industry came together to remember and pay respects to Halya Hutchins, others lent their support to the actor who was shocked by this development.

However, former US President’s son, Donald Trump Jr, decided to profit from this heart-breaking incident. His website is now selling a t-shirt that reads "Guns don't kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people".

Don Jr. Sells 'Alec Baldwin Kills People' Shirts After 'Rust' Shooting

Available in three colours — black, blue and military green — and for $27.99, the t-shirt is being understood as a mockery to the heart breaking incident of the cinematographer losing her life to an accidental fire.

Last week, while rehearsing, Alec Baldwin took a prop gun and fired the shot. As per the scene, Baldwin had to point the gun at the camera and shoot at the lens.

As per the label of the gun, the weapon was a ‘cold’ one, which meant that the as per the label the weapon could not have hurt anyone due to the fake bullets. However, the weapon turned out to be a real gun, and the bullet shot the 42-year-old Ukraine-born cinematographer Halyna Hutchins dead and injured the Director.

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The actor was seen crying and in a distraught condition after the incident took place. However, as Baldwin has been an open Trump critic and had also enacted him on the skit comedy show 'Saturday Night Live'. Baldwin has also been known to take a stand against the National Rifle Association and gun rights activists.

Trump Jr did not stop at that, he has also being actively sharing memes about the incident on social media platform, Instagram.












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