CIA Live-Tweets During The Oscars And Is So Into ‘Black Panther’

Of all those live-tweeting the Oscars on Sunday night, there were few more surprising than ... the CIA. The intelligence agency was absolutely gaga about “Black Panther” and its futuristic technology. “Good luck to Black Panther” and all the other nominees, gushed one tweet.


It’s probably no coincidence that one of the good guys in that film is CIA agent Everett Ross (played by Martin Freeman).


The tweets ― which were also linked to on the CIA’s website ― were part of the agency’s ongoing “Reel vs. Real CIA” examination of how realistic or almost-possible the technology presented in popular media is.


Sunday’s messages polled followers on their favorite futuristic inventions in “Black Panther,” including virtual cars, kimoyo beads and Lethoso blankets (virtual cars won).


One tweet also asked people if they thought Wakanda’s super metal, vibranium — which allows the Black Panther’s suit to absorb, store and release kinetic energy — was real or possible in the future. “Too bad vibranium isn’t real,” lamented another tweet. It would be “great for spies, right?” 



The agency’s website also explores Wakanda’s technology in depth here.


The CIA went down its own personal super-hero rabbit hole last year with a story about an agent in Jordan (who, of course, shall remain nameless). The agent, described as “CIA Spider Man,” spotted a child screaming on the roof of a building engulfed in flames. He managed to climb the side of the sandstone edifice, grasping at a drain pipe, to rescue the boy.



“Black Panther” won Oscars for Best Production Design, Best Original Score and Best Costume Design — and, apparently, stole the CIA’s heart. 

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