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Fashion icon Billy Porter did it again.

The Pose star took to the 2020 Grammy Awards red carpet in a look unlike anything we've seen from him before: decked out in a custom blue crystal jumpsuit courtesy of Baja East. The fit was certainly eye-catching, with crystal fringe, a gorgeous cropped jacket, and silver platform shoes, and it was some truly next-level fashion that we're still trying to process.

But the real show-stopper came in the form of Porter's massive bucket hat, adorned with a complete, mechanical fringe curtain that parted on its own to reveal Billy's face. A Sarah Sokol collaboration, it featured over 70,000 hand-placed crystals that obscured the actor's face – until he decided he'd show himself to the public. Honestly, it's the most genius hat we may have ever seen. Built in paparazzo and hater protection? He's over here living in the year 3000, honestly.

The hat was more than just an astoundingly cool accessory, though. It also marked one of the funniest memes the Grammys ended up spawning. Just look at how many ways you can interpret that little hat "shade" opening up to show Billy's face to the public.







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