Beyonce and Nala Steal the Spotlight in the New Lion King Promo Photos

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Beyonce is set to star as Nala in The Lion King remake, and we frankly cannot wait, as we were blessed with another glimpse of the character this week.

Now with the singer’s turn in movie fast approaching, as the film hits screens later this month, Bey went head to head with her animated likeness overnight and we’re feeling all the powerful lioness vibes. Can you feel the love…tonight?



Taking to Instagram on Tuesday night, Beyonce posted the shot, with Nala on one side and Beyonce on the other, both staring at one another. On a black background with Queen Bey wearing a black off-the-shoulder top, with her hair curled and in a high pony, the shot is striking and goes deep into our very souls – so much so there is no need for a caption.

Her famous followers took to the comments section to sound off on Beyonce’s latest share into the anticipated Disney flick. Model Winnie Harlow wrote: ‘She is Queen, hear her roar.’

Lion King trailer / first proper look at Beyonce Picture: Disney METROGRAB

Former Fifth Harmony star Normami added: ‘I just screamed.’

Even Barbie commented with a crown – that’s how iconic this really is.

The Crazy In Love star voices the role of Nala in the movie and has been heard delivering that all important line in the trailer when Simba goes rogue and runs away from Pride Rock.

‘Simba, you have to take your place as King,’ she says. ‘We need you. Come home.’

The woman can do no wrong, but it sounds like Bey’s appearance in the movie will have us feeling all the love, as her co-star Billy Eichner (who plays Timone in the movie) has been teasing just how good she is ahead of Lion King’s release.

During his appearance on Crooked Media’s Keep It podcast, Billie said: ‘She’s definitely in the movie because I’ve seen a rough cut.

‘And I’ve heard her sing Can You Feel the Love Tonight? with Donald Glover and I’m telling you, it’s f**king good.’

‘That was never my favorite song to be totally honest,’ Billie continued. ‘I liked it when Elton John sang it. I love Elton John. ‘I don’t want to give too much away about that, they do not want us talking about it. I will just say that honestly, it made me cry and I was not expecting that.’


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