ASOS sells faux wireless headphones as Fashion accessories

In this day and age, trends come and go faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

And keeping up with all the latest must-haves is incredibly difficult, not to mention very pricey.

One of the big technology trends right now is for wireless headphones, with many people out and about wearing Apple's AirPods in their ears.

But with the second generation of the earphones costing around £159, not everyone can afford a pair.

So ASOS came up with a rather bizarre way to make sure everyone could look like they had the money to buy them.

The online retailer is currently selling faux wireless headphones on their website as a "fashion accessory".

The silver headphone earpieces are made of zinc and cost just £6.

Mobile Network Three spotted the unusual item online and shared a post about it on Twitter .

They said: "Our mates at @ASOS are flogging a faux headphone earpiece for when you want to flex AirPods but Monzo says nah."



Monzo, clearly unimpressed, responded to the post, saying: "We still say nah."

And many other people who saw the product were equally as baffled by the fake headphones.

One person replied: "Damn they don't even look like AirPods my friend."

Another wrote: "I don't want to live on this planet anymore."

A third added: "You can get knock off AirPods off Amazon, that are actually functioning headphones, for cheaper than that."

A different user wasn't totally opposed to the idea though.

They responded saying: "'I mean kinda cool if you don't want anyone to talk to you but... could just use real ones too."

ASOS has been contacted for comment on the product.

This isn't the first item ASOS has sold that has baffled customers.

Image result for asos condom dress

They recently confused shoppers by selling a skirt from PrettyLittleThing which was compared to a "ripped bin bag".

The lace-up vinyl skirt was being offered for £20.

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