Artist Reveals Bold New Helmet Designs For All 32 NFL Teams

If you’re one of many NFL fans who are bored with the same old helmet that your favorite team wears every week, then we’ve got something cool for you. These awesome concept designs for all 32 NFL teams take the boring old helmet designs and brings them into the 21st century.

But keep in mind, these are just concepts, so there’s no guarantee you’ll ever see these helmets actually hit the field. For comparisons sake, we created side by side images of the current helmets (1) vs the concept helmets (2-4). To see all 32 teams, make sure to check out the entire article.

Without further delay, here are the awesome new concept designs for all 32 NFL teams. Let us know which versions you prefer!


Instead of having the plain gold helmet with the “SF” initials, I think that these concept helmets may fit the teams identity a little bit better.

The shimmering gold of concept 2 pays homage to the original “49ers” who flocked to the San Francisco area during the famous gold rush of the 19th century, while the deep red color of concept 3 will more accurately unify the helmet to the red home jerseys.



In my opinion, the Chicago Bears have one of the least exciting helmets in the NFL. Don’t get me wrong, I love Chicago and respect the awesome history of the Bears organization, but with that said, these boring blue helmets could use an upgrade.

In the Concept2 revamp we see the classic Chicago Bears helmet with a little more ferocity to it. Each new concept here still endures the iconic orange “C”, but with new elements introduced.C2 also features three bear claws ripping through the side, bringing out a even more ferocity to the otherwise monochrome helmet.

The “C” in Concept 3 is much larger and the helmet has a cleaner two-toned design fit for a more modern look. Concept 4 keeps more to the original while still hosting 4 alternating stripes wrapping from front to back.

Don’t forget the differing mask colors of course. Orange looks pretty sweet!



The Bengals helmet is one of those designs that is so close to being cool, but JUST misses the mark.

Most people forget that the “Bengals” are named after the Bengal tiger. So, instead of having a few tiger stripes across the helmet, why not put the full-blown image of a tiger on the helmet like in concept 2. It definitely gives it a bit more personality.

Concept 3 and 4 both err more on the side of modernism. Something about all black with a diagonal tiger stripe in C4 really speaks to me; very chic. C3 is more of a reach with “Who Dey” plastered on it, but aesthetically it still looks pretty sick!



The Current “clean white” Buffalo Bills helmet is actually pretty cool. It’s somehow both classic and modern, due it’s minimalism. There arent many elements, but the elements it does feature are prominent. The large Blue buffalo takes an entire side of the helmet, classic modernism. This might be one of the only helmets I wouldn’t touch, but we still found some unique designs for comparison

C2 is a more modern interpretation of the classic throwback red helmet that the Bills wore back in their heyday of the 1990’s. Of course, their “heyday” comprised of going to four straight Super Bowls, and losing them.

C3 flips the script to royal blue in order to match the jerseys. While C4 adds those alternating stripes for depth.



I’ve always been a fan of orange and blue. They are two completely opposite colors that go so well together. However the current broncos helmet is a little stale and in desperate need of life.

The C2 redesign of their helmet is super unique. When you first land in Denver, you simply can’t miss the view of the Rockies, so why not include that on the helmet? I also LOVE the orange sky.

C3 is by far the standout here. It adds muscle and character to an otherwise weak alternative. C4 doesn’t stray too far from the original for you purists. It adds some metallic shine and a more aerodynamic shape.



I know we’ve all been waiting for this one! Sorry Browns fans but like your franchise, this helmet is basically on life support. There likely isnt a single helmet in sports that is more in need of a rejigger than the Cleveland Browns. Plain orange with a single stripe? C’mon MAN!

I’d take ANY of these concepts over the original but I think it’s fair to say that C3 is by far the most imaginative. C3 is a redesign that those crazy fans in the “Dawg pound” would truly love.

C2 keeps the classic style with a new two-tone brown and orange, while C4 invigorates a once stale helmet with a wider stripe on top and a brush of new age metallic orange.



This is a redesigning of the current pewter and black helmet that Tampa Bay switched over to in the 1990’s, after years of the orange “creamsicle” look. These new looks however take it even one step further, adding a greater flare of red to the black tones in C2.

C3 and C4 are complete re-imaginations of the helment, I love how the logo overtakes the entire helmet in C3 and whats not to love about the militarized textured finished on C4. Super unique!



The Arizona Cardinals are currently sporting a simple, clean yet objectively boring cap. I wish the logo was a tad bit bigger like it is on the Bills original.

That being said, why not make the logo literally the ENTIRE helmet like it is on Both C2 and C3. Whoa those are cool. C2 Sporting the two tone mix with a yellow mask (beak), and C3 is basically a giant cardinal head.

Shout out to #4 for staying true to form while also adding some off white striping across the top for flare.



Their current cap is another boring take on a helmet with SO much potential. C’mon, your teams logo is a freakin lightning bolt and that is the best you can do? How about adding some you know, lightning?

Many people feel the powder blue look of the then-San Diego Chargers in the 1970’s and 1980’s was their best look. So, C2 finds a happy medium of both, combining the modern energy charge with that classic powder blue look that everyone loved.



Not all heroes where capes and not all KC Chiefs players wear stylish helmets….Actually none of them do, cause these helmets stink, HA! Each one of these bad boys offers a new refreshing take on what can be considered a tired old design.

How about the detail in the pattern on C2? That would be cool to see on any field in 2019.

If it were my call, I’m going C3 all day. some about the enlarged KC just speaks to my inner designer.



It would make sense that the team whose logo is a symbol of Luck, would have a starting quarter back named “Luck” who is in fact a very unlucky player when it comes to staying healthy.

Many around the league have claimed that the Colts organization has completely botched the rehabilitation of star Quartberback Andrew Luck’s injured shoulder, but we can’t say for certain what went down. What we can say for certain though is that this helmet is ready for a redesign without question.

How about the shimmery blue of C2? Or the Black Grain finish on C3? Or maybe the subtle checkers of C4? You can’t really go wrong here so long as we agree that the team should apply a little bit of color and modernization to the white and blue helmet we’ve been accustomed to seeing.



Ah the Cowboys… I can’t wait to hear from you crazy Dallas Cowboys fans. While there is perhaps no other fanbase as wide spread as the Cowboys, they are also pretty stubborn when it comes to new looks. It seems like the Cowboys uniforms have looked the same since the beginning of time itself. So in effort to not displease the fine folk of Dallas, TX and beyond – here are some more reserved changes to an already iconic helmet.

That good old Cowboys Star; it’s iconic. It’s representative of more than just a football team. It’s shining beacon that represents a way of life in the big D. Cowboys fans are proud of that Star, so why not treat it the way they treat everything in Texas: MAKE IT BIGGER and in some cases plaster an American Flag on it! Woo! Merica!



Miami is a vibrant beautiful place with not only gorgeous beaches, but gorgeous fans as well. That last part actually feels a little weird to type but it’s hard to argue that beautiful people don’t flock to the magical oasis that is South Beach.

It’s such a shame that is a beautiful place like Miami has a team with such a boring helmet. Let’s liven that thing up a little bit! I feel like even those C2 and C3 are a little “out-of-the-box” they are both great representations of the culture of the area: colorful, unique and full of life.



As a native New Yorker, I’m a Giants fan. That said I gotta give respect where respect is do. The 2018 Philadelphia had an incredible season and the reigning Super Bowl champs admittedly have some pretty sweet helmets to boot. The Eagle wings that flank the side of the frontal lobes have been an iconic staple on eagles helmets ever since the Kelly Green uniforms of the early days.

Even though fans should be pretty content with the current look, that shouldn’t stop us from exercising our creative juices and exploring some cool options, should it?

I love textured designs on football helmets, so it’s no surprise that I’m a fan of C2 here. It keeps the classic winged style while also encasing the outer shell in a feather texture. Very unique, very cool. But as they say, if it ain’t broke…



Black and Red are like peas and carrots. They just work together. Always have and always will.

The Atlanta Falcons transitioned from the red helmets with the black bird on it, to the all black helmets in the early 1990’s, right around the time Deion Sanders joined the team and MC Hammer would roam the sidelines.

Neither of those two are going to happen anytime soon, but what if we gave them a few more creative redesigns? Whether it’s changing the primary color to red on C4, adding texture on C3 or modernizing the logo decal on C2, I think any of these would be good options moving forward.



2018 was a huge turn around year for the Jacksonville based franchise. Finally the talent on this team is at least equitable if not better than the jerseys they play in. As a design freak, I was always frustrated watching such a well dressed team play such bad football.

In my opinion, the gold and turquoise uniforms of the Jags are the best in the. They are they only team in all of pro sports to use those two colors together. who else can say that?

While I do love the current helmet design, I still think C2,C3, & c4 are also awesome options.

C2 has got to be my favorite though – Imagine staring down a linebacker while a full jaguar face on top of his head is searing back at you. It would add another layer of psychology to the game for sure.



No franchise has fallen father out of the atmosphere and crash landed back down to the earth worse than the New York Jets since that stout defense of 2011 took them to back-to-back AFC championship games.

I think it may be time for more than just a redesign of helmets in New Jers…errr York. Fans have been calling for owner Woody Johnson’s head for some time now. And while that may not happen anytime soon, at least we can hold out hope for some slick new helmets.

How about those pilot helmets in concept 2? Now THAT would be awesome. I’d love to see more teams take the path of completely owning up to the visual representation of their respective mascot / monikers. Jets Football helmets that look like actual fighter jet pilot helmets would be a great start.



Nothing is more drab than a matte grey helmet. I suppose you cant really blame the Lions Organization though. Have you ever been to Detroit? It’s basically the geographical equivalent of a boring grey helmet. Sorry to all uhh Detroiters out there. Or is it Detroitonians? Detroitites? Eh whatever you get it.

Either way you slice it, the Lions need some new caps, and they needed them yesterday. I’d prefer they go with C3. Blue helmets on blue jerseys. That’s a look worthy of the great city of Detroit, Michigan.



When the United States was recuperating in the aftermath of the tragedies of September 11th, all the teams of New York City were seen as the beacons for hope in the sports world.

The American flag design in C2 takes it one step further. While it moves away from the traditional all-blue look of the Giants, it still incorporates it in the “NY” logo, while draping the rest of the helmet in the good old red, white, and blue. At the very least it would be cool to see the Gmen wear these bad boys to commemorate the fallen 9/11 heroes Week 1 or Week 2.



I know what you’re thinking,  “please don’t ruin a good thing.” No matter how many other teams or schools also use it, that “G” on the side of the helmet will always be associated with the Green Bay Packers. It’s a must when crafting new designs. That being said, let’s step outside the box a little with these.

I wonder how the good people of Wisconsin would feel about the ode to the “Cheese-Head”. It’s a little much for my taste, but I’m also a jaded New Yorker. The Digital Camo however is way more my speed. Those look bad-ass



Ugh again with the boring matte grey! How can a team that sports such a cool shade of baby blue chose to drape their helmet in cloudy grey?

I for one prefer the all black helmet in C3, completely taken over by a silhouette of the panthers logo. I can actually picture a scrambling Cam Newtown shaking some poor Defensive Back out of his shorts while wearing one of these. It would be a sight to see!



Much like their greatest of all time quarterback the Pats helmets appear kind of “doofy” to be honest. Like the team itself, I’ve never cared much for their helmet choice. Watching Brady trot down the field in their current cap is as exciting as a soggy slice of white bread on a dry tuna sandwich.

You are the Patriots, embrace it. How about adding some American flag stars or stripes like in C2 and C4? Or how about adopting the super sleek Concept 3?

Unfortunately, something tells me that as long as these guys keep winning chips, not much is going to change on the uniform front. Oh well, maybe we’ll have more luck with this next team…



Here is the shocker of the century, I despise the flat grey Raiders helmets. Also another thing you may not expect: I LOVE the rest of their uniforms. When I was a kid building my super cheap fantasy team in Madden, I would always choose to play as the raiders. Something about seeing those guys running around in all black uniforms was just bad ass.

Their uniforms are a symbol of their fan-base (well I guess it their old fan base now, sorry Oakland) … intimidating, rough and tumble. I hope that identity follows them to Vegas. However I hope those old grey helmets do not.

What’s the one thing that could make their flat back, no frills uniforms even more bad-ass? BLACK HELMETS, thats what! C2, C3 or bust. That’s my opinion.



The old school white and blue helmets that the Los Angeles Rams wore this past season had a nice look to it, as it paid homage to the team’s first stint in Los Angeles (and its color scheme back in the 1970’s and 1980’s).

In this case, why not also pay homage to the team’s color scheme from its final years in St. Louis, when they appeared in two Super Bowls (and won one of them)?



You might get some pushback from the fans in Baltimore, if you try and remove the black from the Baltimore Ravens helmet, especially considering the raven bird itself is black. But the new look in C4 steals the hidden “B” from the Ravens bird logo on the helmet, making the team’s new look more prominently associated with its hometown. Plus using white as the primary color could be a nice change to a look that has been around for a long time and is quite honestly getting a little stale.



Along with the name/mascot itself, the Native American symbol on the helmet of the Washington Redskins has always been the source of controversy.

One solution to that might be removing the Native American profile entirely and revert the team’s helmet back to its look when they were still the Boston Braves (early in the 20th century), while giving it a more modern color scheme and design, such as C3 and C4.

Or you could just ya know, make him even BIGGER like in C2. Whatever floats your boat.



While it’s never easy to move away from an awesome classic look, I think fans of the New Orleans Saints would love this new color scheme. Shifting the primary color to black looks sleek, especially with the gold fleur-de-lis on it. Not to mention some pretty cool detailing on C3 and C4.

New Orleans is a very unique city, let’s make sure their #1 sports team sports an equally unique look.



When the Seattle Seahawks would wear their all-green color rush uniforms, many fans complained that the team’s colors made them look like roadside maintenance workers. These helmet designs take that into account and avoid overdoing the “tacky” neon green that many fans dislike.

don’t get me wrong, a ton of Seahawks fans happen to enjoy that that cacophonous green look, but let’s be real, we’d be hard pressed to expect the No Fun League to approve them wearing distracting neon helmets each week.

Similar to the Jags, I prefer the all encompassing design of C2. Gimme those big green bird eyes to stare down Quarterbacks across the league.


They say “change isn’t always a good thing.” This is not one of those times however. The current steelers helmet is played out and it’s time for something new.

I love C3. It’s awesome how the designer used the entire side of the helmet as a canvas for the giant steelers logo. In addition, removing the logo adds an extra layer of art deco modernism to it and as designer myself, I appreciate it.

I’m sure I’m going to hear it from all the Steelers fans on this one…



These new helmets might not jive with the main navy blue color palette of the current Houston Texans uniforms, but we think fans in Texas would absolutely love these designs.

On top of that, few fan bases would identify themselves as being more “State-Centric” than those in Texas, so why not throw a big silhouette of the state of Texas on the side for good measure. C4 for the WIN!



Talk about MUCH better. There’s nothing on the current Tennessee Titans helmet that would reveal that the team’s mascot is a “Titan,” or the divine beings (and warriors) from ancient Greek mythology.

The designs in C2 and C3 feautre titanic swords stabbing through the their circular logo so it’s definitely closer to matching the team’s name. Plus, it just looks so much cooler.



The Viking horn on the side of all the all-purple helmet is another iconic look in the NFL. I always thought it’d be hard to improve upon the Vikings current helmet, but as an alternate look, these options are definitely nice change of pace.

I love the braids runinng down the back of C2, it definitely brings out a bit more personality.

Well…. that’s All 32! – Thanks for sticking with me and don’ t forget to tell us your favorites!

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