Are You Acting A Little Extra For Black Panther?


Since the release of the  Black Panther movie last week, we have seen our fair share of people dressing up in all African attire to go see the film event. Call it what you will, but an event it surely was. And it didn't take too long for some very memorable videos, capturing the moment to start flooding the web. 

So far, we have seen elaborate processions with the  music from Coming to America playing in the background, while a crew of moviegoers, dressed in their dashikis, make their way to the Black Panther screening. Let's not forget the rose petals tossed at their feet, in true royalty fashion.

The parody of Jaden Smith's Icon video features a young T'challa stepping out of his car only to dance and beat up those who dare to steal his precious Vibranium.

There are also countless videos of people swooning and praising the movie  and going as far as calling it a cinematic revolution. But after the announcement was made that Black Panther had exceeded all box office predictions, and that the movie had 5th largest opening of all time for a Superhero movie, a certain video celebrating the moment caught my eye. Check it out below:

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