April Ryan Sends Scathing Farewell Video Message To Sarah Huckabee Sanders: ‘Girl Bye’

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April Ryan has made it crystal clear she won’t be attending the controversial goodbye bash that some fellow White House reporters are throwing for outgoing press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders next week.

“Sarah Huckabee, have your party. I won’t be there. Girl, bye,” the American Urban Radio Networks correspondent said in a video that she shared to Instagram on Friday.

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Earlier in the clip, Ryan explained how she was “very disturbed” by the fact that Sanders this week had failed to hold a press briefing to comment on the dramatic escalation of U.S. tensions with Iran.

“The day that she should have a briefing, she didn’t,” said Ryan, who noted how it’s now been more than 100 days since Sanders last stood behind the podium.

She continued:

Serious issues of life and death, serious issues of war, and this administration chooses not to brief the American public. Shame. Everything comes to the White House from war to peace and everything in between, and there was potential war, and no one stood at that podium to explain to the American public what was going on. And we see it in a tweet. We deserve better.

Ryan has endured a strained relationship with Sanders. Most recently, the press secretary twisted Ryan’s words to make it seem as if she had called for her to be “decapitated” after Ryan had demanded her ouster for lying.

Check out Ryan’s video here:



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  • I’m so tired of the press for not calling out this bigots, and sugar coating the truth, and calling them out when they lie, and yall in the press act like your scared, but one a lot of us no the truth, we voted for the Democrats to do something, and they not doing anything but slow walking, number 45 needs to be impeached, we tired of waiting

    Wendt baker

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