Amazon Is Selling A 'Hella Black Hella Proud' Swimsuit With A White Model

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No, no, no, no, no. No? No.

Mammoth online marketplace Amazon has customers scratching their heads over a listing that uses a white model to sell a bathing suit that reads, “hella BLACK hella PROUD.” in large font across the front.

The suit is being sold on the site by the company ZBBRDD, which appears to use the same stock image to sell bathing suits with various slogans like “dope” and “Brazilians do it better.”

The glaring misstep was pointed out on Twitter by user @SeekersMgmt, who called on Amazon to update the photo.

There are just two reviews of the product, both taking issue with using a white model to sell this specific bathing suit. “Would it have been to [sic] hard to find someone who’s actually ‘Hella black and Hella proud!!’” one person wrote. “YALL HELLA FOUL,” wrote the other.

A request for comment on the listing from Amazon was not immediately answered and the link was still active at the time of publication.

Back in 2017, clothing website Zazzle came under fire for using white models to advertise shirts that said things like “nappy,” “angry black woman” and “black girl magic.” In a response to HuffPost at the time, the site chalked up the extreme misstep to its computer-generated rotation of stock models, and explained it was coming up with a fix to prevent assigning “out of context content to models.”

Perhaps the same automatic imagery glitch is at play here, too, but come ON.

Retailers have come under fire for both sizeist and racist labeling too many times to count or make sense. And while this choice isn’t as blatantly racist as, say,posing a black child model in a sweatshirt that reads “coolest monkey in the jungle,” it’s certainly still way off base and just plain careless.

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