Amara La Negra Defends Her Afro-Latina Heritage After Interviewer Urges Her To Stop Identifying As Black

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Amara La Negra has made it known from the jump that she is massively proud of her Afro-Latina heritage. Still, she’s often questioned about her background and identity, and the latest person to do so was reverend Jesse Lee Peterson.

The Love & Hip Hop: Miami star recently appeared on Peterson's show The Fallen State, where she discussed her career and Afro-Latina pride. Things took a turn, however, when Peterson interrupted her to insist that "there is no such thing as an African-American woman."

"They made that up. They are American," he said in response to the reality star saying she looks like an African-American woman. "They were born here, but they are dumb, and so they are calling themselves African-Americans because they don't think for themselves. You don't even look like them. Why would you want to attach that to your name?"

La Negra, visibly confused by his take, made it known that "We're all African," before diplomatically telling Peterson, "You know, you are very special."

Refusing to let up, Peterson further suggested to the musician that she abandon her African roots to get ahead in her career.

"[You'd] do much better and sooner if you didn't have the 'Afro-Latina,'" he said, with La Negra firmly interjecting, "No, no, no, no, no! I will always be Afro-Latina! That's why I'm an activist. I love my melanin. I love my background. I love my race."

Keeping at it, Peterson then suggested that she change her image and "don't put the afro stuff," as "they're never going to accept you."

The "Insecure" singer, who impeccably held her composure throughout the entire sit-down, fired back after Peterson boldly declared that "Blacks only get into positions because of their color, [and] not because they are qualified."

"Oh OK. Like you're not qualified to be here now," she clapped back with a smile.

Take a look at the clip, below:



by Moriba Cummings

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